Eytan Elbaz

Eytan Elbaz

Venture Partner

Eytan is a co-founder of Scopely, Social Native, and Render Media. Eytan started his career as a founding member of Applied Semantics, which was later acquired by Google. Eytan stayed at Google as the Head of Domain Channel. Eytan is also the Chairman & Co-founder of Deep Dive Media, a network of healthcare information and community sites including SupportGroups.com. Eytan’s award winning public service announcements on the subjects of Tolerance and Bullying have been aired around the globe and are currently on display at the Museum of Tolerance.

Hometown + Education

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
UCLA: Computer Science and Engineering

Founder of

Scopely, Social Native

Best thing that happened to you as a founder

Applied Semantics was acquired by Google

What brought you to LA

My brother came to CA first, and UCLA seemed like a great place to spend 4 years

Most “LA” thing you’ve done

My band played the Troubadour

Who were your mentors?

My brother Gil Elbaz.  He taught me basketball, math, statistics and innovation.

Nerdiest thing about you

I was Captain of the Computer Science team in high school -- twice.

What tech gets you endlessly excited?

Biosensors, Virtual Reality

What tech or invention did you think of first?

Co-created AdSense

Red flags for you during a pitch

Someone who embellishes their contributions

What are your investing areas of interest?

Gaming, Crypto, Media, Creator economy

How do you spend your time outside of work?

My wife and two daughters. Playing basketball and guitar. Jumping in the ocean.