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Rob Dyrdek — Dyrdek Machine

May 19, 2021


So much fun talking with Rob Dyrdek about everything from his $450M in exits to his multiple world records to his thoughts on building self-belief!

Rob has built a system for it all at the Dyrdek Machine, his venture creation studio.

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I am thrilled to be in person today with Rob Dyrdek at the Dyrdek Machine in Beverly Hills. It's awesome. We're sitting in a room with a throne.

Rob Dyrdek is a pro skateboarding legend, a huge MTV star and a very successful serial entrepreneur who dropped out of high school to ride skateboards. The Dyrdek Machine has built 14 brands, had $450 million in exits, and is a venture creation studio that brings expertise and capital to Do or Dier entrepreneurs.

Hi, Rob.

It felt great. It felt great. Thank you for the great intro.

Thanks, Rob. Can we started with Do or Dier entrepreneurs?  

I always define it as like the grit, and that sort of unwavering self-belief and relentless work ethic and I thought that mattered the most in the beginning, but Do or dier entrepreneurs need to fundamentally understand core capabilities of business, right. 

So it's not just do or die. It's

Yeah. Oh man, because I'll tell you what I have.

I've had a bunch of businesses with Do or Dier, with terrible founder market fit. And all we did was run into the wall for two or three years. You know what I mean? I think that's, and you know, I would, connect because I'm like a creative brand guy. Like I would always connect with product and brand minds.

And then God forbid, you know, these creative types can't operate a business and certainly are not doing all of their strategic thinking through the lens of the financial viability of these strategies.

So for us, we find great, multidimensional, CEOs that are Do or Diers that have clarity and, and general knowledge and the seven core capabilities.