LA Venture Podcast


Nick Grouf — Alpha Edison

May 26, 2021

Series A

Nick believes VC has become a very reactive business. He explains how he and Nate Redmond set out to build Alpha Edison as a proactive, knowledge-driven fund.

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Nick Grouf is a founder and managing partner at Alpha Edison. Alpha Edison is a knowledge driven venture firm that invests in early stage companies out of their fairly new fund II.

Nick has been a founder at least three times and before Alpha Edison, he was running a very successful LA based incubator. Nick, nice to see you.

Great to see you, thank you for having me. 

Great. Did I get the introduction, correct? Good enough, at least three times you've been a founder.

At least three times for sure. 


Makes me a glutton for punishment or somebody who just loves to build stuff. 

Yeah, I see the glutton for punishment. I did it once Nick and that was enough for me. Tell me more about being what I called a knowledge driven venture firm.