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Megan Holston-Alexander — a16z

July 27, 2022

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Megan Holston-Alexander leads A16Z's Cultural Leadership Fund (CLF). CLF connects the world’s greatest cultural leaders with the best new technology companies. Megan tells us about getting black people onto cap tables, into tech and building generational wealth. She tells us how A16Z has grown this network and her own journey into this role.

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Megan Holston-Alexander is here on the pod today. Megan is a partner at A16Z where she leads the firm's Cultural Leadership Fund, CLF. CLF connects the world's greatest cultural leaders with the best new technology companies and Megan just announced CLF Fund III.

Megan got her MBA from Stanford GSB, and she's from Alabama. Megan, why don't you, uh, kick us off with the basics.

Absolutely. So cultural leadership fund is a strategic co-investment vehicle inside of Andreessen Horowitz. So we invest alongside the other funds at the firm , but the thing that makes us really fun and interesting and cool is that we do so with those two main missions in mind that you just mentioned, connecting the world's greatest cultural leaders to the best in technology companies.