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Mark Terbeek — Greycroft

September 23, 2020

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Mark is a leading B2B investor and on the board of Scopely, Icertis and more.  He shares his current investment theses and explains how Greycroft operates as a seed to growth stage venture fund.

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Mark Terbeek is a partner at Greycroft and one of the leading LA B2B investors. He's on the board of Scopely, Icertis, Botkeeper and many others. Mark joined Greycroft in 2013 after a decade in venture at MK Capital. He has a reputation for being extraordinarily nice. Mark we're thrilled to have you on the pod today.

Thanks. I appreciate that. Excited to be here.

Great. I also have my partner and sometimes co-host David Waxman. Hi there. Great. So, yeah, it's great to be with you, Mark. I remember when you joined Greycroft and I think at the time was Dana the only partner here in L.A.? Yeah.

Yeah, correct. Yeah. We we the firm at the time and it's funny, it's been about seven and a half years, you know, sometimes it feels like a year and sometimes it feels like 20 and sometimes on the same day. But yeah Dana, Allen, and Ian started the firm in roughly two thousand six. And they were just in the process of starting to raise Fund Three when Dana had reached out and mentioned, you know, we're starting to scale, you know, I could use some help in L.A. It was just here in L.A. and then Allen and Ian in New York.