LA Venture Podcast


Marcos Gonzalez — Vamos Ventures

November 25, 2020


Marcos Gonzalez is the managing partner at Vamos Ventures, a seed-stage venture fund investing in Hispanic and diverse founders.  

Over half of LA county is Hispanic. Seems like a great time to be investing in this community!

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Marcos Gonzalez is the founder and managing partner at Vamos Ventures. Based here in downtown L.A., Vamos Ventures is an early stage venture fund focused on tech companies led by Hispanic and diverse founders. Before this, Marcos was twice in private equity, once a founder, and he grew up here in L.A.. Marcos, nice to see you. And congratulations on building Vamos Ventures.

Great, thank you, many thank you for the introduction and the invitation to be on this podcast. Great. Now it's been fun getting to know you, so maybe if we just start with the basics of, you know, how long has Vamos been around? And you know what? What are you doing?

Sure, sure. Absolutely, Minnie. So while this is a new fund, it's a first time fund. The idea kind of came about in the year. Twenty, fifteen, twenty sixteen. So it's something that I've been working on for, for a while as you said, we focused on diverse teams. So we have an emphasis on LatinX entrepreneurs. But really, it's it's it's pretty broad. So we look at entrepreneurs who come from underrepresented areas, so African-American women, veterans, disabled, LGBTQ, etc.

So that's where we are.

And you guys, you're writing checks now. You're actively investing.

We have started to invest.