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Kathryne Cooper — Jumpstart Nova

May 11, 2022

Series A

Kathryne Cooper tells us about Jumpstart Nova, a new $55M fund investing in incredible black healthcare founders at the seed and series A stage.

Jumpstart has LPs such as Meharry Medical, Eli Lilly, Cardinal Health and is part of the trend of VCs that offer strategic help from their LPs as an important value-add.

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Today I am talking to, hanging out with, catching up with Kathryne Cooper, a partner at Jumpstart Nova. Jumpstart Nova is a $55 million Fund I investing in seed and Series A companies founded by black founders focused on healthcare innovation. Prior to Jumpstart Nova, Kathryne managed a pre-seed fund that made over 150 investments in medical technology companies.

Kathryne, this fund is a big deal. Congratulations. Thanks for coming on the pod.

I appreciate the sentiment and I am getting the feeling that it is a big deal, but it is interesting to be part of the fund and then recognize that it's a big deal of the way that we are perceived and received. So the genesis of Jumpstart Nova is with my partner, Marcus Whitney, who is based in Nashville, Tennessee, and I'm based here in Los Angeles, our fund is based in both places.  Kind of as reaction to the murder of George Floyd and June, 2020 was really made him think about the disparities within investments and specifically his position of power as the only black VC in Nashville.