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Kareem El Sawy — Arrowroot Capital

October 12, 2022

Series B

Word on the street is that more deals have structure.  Kareem tells us about structured equity--when it makes sense and who it's right for.

Arrowroot is an 8+ year old growth equity firm in LA and Miami on Fund V ($500MM+ invested globally across 28 port cos.) that specializes in structured equity for venture-backed enterprise software companies.

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Today I'm in Venice with Kareem El Sawy. Kareem is a founding general partner at air root capital. A firm that specializes in structured equity for venture backed enterprise software companies.

Arrowroot is eight years old and has $700 million AUM. Prior to Arrowroot Kareem was in private equity at LA-based OpenGate Capital.

I'll clarify a little we should be at $700m soon enough. My CFO would would be all over me for that one.  So Arrowroot growth equity that's all we do enterprise software is all we do It really is for companies that are past the VC stage not quite at large buyout stage not at large growth not looking for kind of a traditional unicorn round kind of a smaller growth check So $10 to 40M is the sweet spot I'd say $20 to 30M is our real sweet spot.