LA Venture Podcast


Joanne Wilson — Gotham Gal

March 9, 2022


The Gotham Gal herself, Joanne Wilson, tells us that department stores are dead, but gives us a glimpse into the future and her own upcoming cannabis store that will pair your cannabis with your needs, mood and even the food you're serving that night.

We also cover the state of VC today and much more.

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It is a treat to have Joanne Wilson with me today.  Joanne, also known as the Gotham Gal, is an angel investor with probably many more than a hundred investments in her portfolio. She has a really impressive blog at She has her finger on the pulse of trends and she lives in New York, but winters in LA. So, I will take that as a strong LA endorsement.

Joanne, thanks for taking the time today.  So, fair to say that you've got your finger on the pulse?

I think that's fair to say. And I actually think it might be innate.

Interesting. Where does that come from and how does that manifest itself?

I mean, I have this horrendous T-shirt that I bought years ago that I never wear outside of my house. It says, “I like what you liked five years ago”. You know, it's interesting, even my grandmother was like really ahead of trends. My mother was always interested in trends. I think, because I'm a generalist, that if you read enough fodder, that's like great for cocktail parties.[toggle] And you sort of tied those dots together, you can see where things are coming down the line, you know, and now of course we have AI and we've got, much more ability to scrape the back ends of websites and get real data and to see where things are going. But, you know, it's something I've always sort of this gut thing about.