LA Venture Podcast


Jesse Draper — Halogen Ventures

April 14, 2020


Halogen Ventures invests ($250k - $1M) in consumer tech companies led by women (The Skimm, Carbon38). Jesse Draper shares her perspective of growing up 4th gen VC, how she learned to be fearless, and much more.

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Full transcript

Today I'm zooming with Jesse Draper from Halogen Ventures. Halogen is an early stage venture fund here in L.A. investing in consumer technology companies led by women. Halogen has made over 50 investments in companies like The Skimm, Carbon38, Flex, HopSkipDrive. And Jesse is also a fourth generation venture capitalist, which is incredible. Who can say that? It's awesome.

So, Jesse, where are you? Where you holed up right now? And and, you know, does this situation change your investing at all?

Oh, yes. First of all, I am holed up in Los Angeles. Probably like you and I feel like just every day I feel like a crazier person like this is one of those things you kind of dream that you never think is going to actually happen. And just the things I'm telling my kids right now, I'm like, we're gonna go for a walk around the block. But you can't touch any one. So if you see your friends, don't hug them.

We can't play with them. And I'm like, I'm gonna. I messed up my kids for life already. Like, they're just gonna be these crazy germaphobes. I mean, what a weird world right now. But, yes. What was your second question? Well, I lied about investing.

And you guys are you're in fund two, right now. Right.

We are working out of a fund two. Yes. And we. It is. I mean, yes, of course, I had to change my investment strategy. I also just felt super depressed about the whole thing or I was like, oh, my God, so many people are going to lose their jobs. This is week one. We already have companies laying off anywhere from one to 60 people.