LA Venture Podcast


Jeremy Milken — Watertower Ventures

June 1, 2021


Jeremy Milken is a partner at Watertower, a serial entrepreneur, and just a lot of fun to talk to.  

We talk about his own journey, his views on deploying money into the venture asset class, his partner Derek and his wife, the flexible neurotic.

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Jeremy Milken is a partner at WaterTower Ventures. Prior to WaterTower, he was a founder multiple times with several successful exits. He started his career in investment banking and private equity, has been an entrepreneur for 20 years, and is now on the other side of the table.

We're in his beautiful office here. Hi, Jeremy. 

Great to be here. 

Is it really?  You were the hardest guest to get on! 

Well, I'm Sorry about that, but, hopefully it'll pay off even though it's unlikely. I would say, so. 

I think you said it's going to be a better episode than Derek’s. 

Yes, I can guarantee I'll be better than my partner Derek that's for sure.