LA Venture Podcast


Howard Morgan — B Capital

March 22, 2023

Series A

Howard Morgan is the Chairman and General Partner at B Capital and previously the co-founder of First Round Capital.

Howard shares his perspective on building successful seed funds (he's an LP in 80), what is exciting him today in tech and how he has chosen such great partners throughout his life.

Full transcript

So, with me today in Venice is Howard Morgan. Howard is one of the pioneers of venture capital and I trust that he's gonna have a lot of insights for me today. In case he needs a brief introduction, Howard is the chair and general partner at B Capital.

He also co-founded First Round with Josh Koppelman. He was the president and founder of Renaissance Technology. RenTech is one of the most successful and iconic hedge funds. He helped found Idealab with Bill Gross and he was an early LP in TenOneTen. Howard. I can't summarize all the highlights, so I will just pause and say it's a real honor to have had our lives and careers cross paths.

Thanks for being here. You're welcome. It great to be back in California. I've been investing in LA since the early eighties. So I had a presence here for a long time. Well, I'm from Pasadena, and so Idealab is, you know, one of the things that put LA on the map. It is. I had been a professor at Caltech back in the early seventies.