LA Venture Podcast


Eric Pakravan — TenOneTen

August 26, 2020


Eric and I work together at TenOneTen!  We talk about our partners, Lava Lab, AmplifyLA, Scopely, marketplaces and the sort of companies that thrive in LA.

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Eric Pakravan knows everything about every startup and every investor in LA. He's a principal at TenOneTen. And before joining us, he was seven years at AmplifyLA. six or seven years, something like that.

Before Amplify, Eric was the founder of USC's Lava Lab and one of the earliest employees at Scopely.

Eric, what's up? Hey, happy to be here.

Yes, so give me give me kind of the short version of your background. 

Yes, so I went to USC the most interesting thing I did was interning as an intern there when it was still about 20 people, I grew to like 50 people by the time I left, but I didn't know what a startup was before that. And I went in and I was blown away. I mean, I've always been a tech, but just at the company side of it was something I never really dealt with before.

And Scopely actually had on their mobile game publishers that the right summary.