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Don & David — Global Founders Capital (GFC)

June 10, 2020

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Don Stalter and David Resnekov are colleagues at GFC (Global Founders Capital), a $1.2B fund that will invest pre-product all the way through later growth rounds and will even lead multiple rounds for a company.  Interesting, entrepreneurial approach to VC.

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Today's show is going to be twice as good because we have twice as many guests. We have David Resnekov and Don Stalter from GFC here. David is our local GFC colleague in L.A. and Don Stalter is the U.S. partner for GFC responsible for all U.S. investments, as I understand it.  GFC is Global Founders Capital, which is a $1.2 billion dollar fund, but they write seed and pre-seed checks and then continue to invest in later rounds. David and Don, thanks for joining me.

So let's start with David, I'd love to hear from you some of the basics of GFC. What size checks you guys write? How many investments per year are you doing? And a little bit more about your follow on investing strategy.

Of course. So I intend to check size. I mean, you know, we will write checks anywhere and precede around from hundred K all the way through multi-million dollar checks. You know, as rounds progressed. So the idea is for us to back is really, really strong entrepreneurs on right when they're getting started with the idea of investing around after that, you know, all the way through IPO, M&A.

But you. We have no problem in, you know, leading multiple rounds in a row. I think that's one of the big things that's going to separate us from our other funds. And yeah, I mean, past that, you know, just so just pausing on that.

Supposin that's a most people. I mean, there are other lifecycle investors, but usually if they do the A, if they lead the way, they won't lead to B. And that's why you're different.

Unlike other funds, we don't have strict ownership targets for our initial investor. You know, we don't need to grab the 15, 20 percent, you know, whatever the whatever the target is upfront. You know, our idea is to really build with the company, you know, and we partner with a debt fund as well.