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Buck Jordan — WaveMaker Labs

October 21, 2020


Lots of insights on equity crowdfunding today from Buck Jordan.  He's raising $50-100k/day (mostly on SeedInvest) for the cool robotics and food companies coming out of WaveMaker Labs.

He also has great insights on corporate innovation and how seed stage companies can take advantage of corporate partners.

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Buck Jordan is the co-founder and managing partner at WaveMaker Labs. WaveMaker Labs incubates disruptive tech companies in partnership with corporate partners. They have a particular focus now on food and robotics. And I'm definitely going to ask Buck more about his experience as founder of Miso Robotics. And he's also a partner at Wave Maker. But thanks for coming on the podcast today. Yeah, thanks for having me. Did I get the introduction correct? You got it right.

Yeah. We are innovating at the intersection of food and robotics, you know, for a bunch of bunch of reasons I'm sure we'll cover later.

Right. I think I kind of called it food and robotics, which sound like they might be separate, but it's really the intersection there. Yep. 

So something like Miso Robotics, where there's a robot flipping my hamburger patties over.

Yeah. I mean, we we believe that the future of food is is changing pretty dramatically and it couldn't change before essentially the past couple of years because because the price of robotics has been dropping to the floor. You know, you can now buy for like eight thousand bucks led in the US at volume of one, you can buy a six axis degree of freedom arm. And then for like two hundred bucks, you can buy Nantel real sense camera and tell an apple from an original pair and biometric data so it can grab things.