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Brett Brewer — Crosscut Ventures

April 13, 2022

Series A

This episode is so good.  If you care about how culture is born in a city or what makes LA tech special, then get some inspiration as Crosscut's Brett Brewer talks about the early days of building Intermix and MySpace and how he sees the ecosystem evolving.

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Today I am thrilled to be in-person with Brett Brewer. I cannot think of anyone who is more of a pillar of the LA tech and venture community than Brett. Brett is one of the founders of Crosscut. Crosscut is now investing out of Crosscut Fund V. He's also the founder of Intermix the company that incubated MySpace, 

Well, it's a fun chance to get to go into the early days of LA tech but just to catch us up really quickly. If you could just remind us your ideal check size now, sort of round size at Crosscut, and then we're just diving in.

You got it. I like it straight to current business, $85 million fund size.  $2 to $2.5M sweet spot check size. We make 25 investments per fund. And we are open for business.