Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Portfolio Updates:

Here’s the latest on what the TenOneTen portfolio is up to:, an API for adding video calls to any app, recently announced $4.6M in new funding led by Freestyle VC. Now, more than ever, we’re seeing the need for video-enabled products, and we were proud to continue backing the team alongside other existing investors Haystack & Root Ventures.

Second Spectrum, which provides the official tracking and analytics software for the NBA, Premier League, and MLS, was featured in a FastCompany article highlighting their work with Steve Ballmer and the LA Clippers. As professional sports teams are being pushed to consider new solutions for virtual fan participation and engagement, Second Spectrum is helping lay the foundation for changing the way sports is consumed.

Ordermark, an online ordering and delivery management platform for restaurants was featured in Forbes. Over the last two months, as restaurants have moved quickly to accommodate online ordering, Ordermark has helped thousands of restaurants bring their businesses online.

Descartes Labs, a geospatial data insights company, has been providing critical insights to state and local governments to help gauge social distancing impacts nationwide. Their data on air pollution and local mobility have been featured by the New York TimesFastCompanyCNNand in some governors’ daily briefings. As states plan to reopen, Descartes Labs looks to continue helping decision-makers make optimal and timely decisions through the crisis.


Here’s everything else we’re reading and listening to:

Pasadena Innovation Extravaganzooma! – Innovate Pasadena. Minnie Ingersoll of TenOneTen is co-hosting a virtual event on Friday, May 22, which will introduce you to the investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs of Pasadena. Registration is now open. Link.

Learnings from our community of LPs, VCs and founders – Lindel Eakman. Foundry Group’s Lindel Eakman breaks down his learnings from their partner funds and startups, and what to expect in the venture and startup landscape in the coming months. Link.

Telecommuting will likely continue long after the pandemic– Brookings Institution. Up to half of American workers are currently working from home, with the pandemic forcing investments in industries where telework is possible. Link.

LA Reinvented: Why innovators are moving south of Silicon Valley – Jodie Hopperton. This new book about the LA startup scene features insights from TenOneTen’s Eric Pakravan and Ordermark founder Alex Canter. The book was published last month and is on sale now! Link.