TenOneTen Ventures supports early stage companies founded by passionate, mission-driven entrepreneurs who share our belief that data is businesses' most valuable asset. We respect founders' work because we have been founders, with 5 venture-backed companies between general partners Gil Elbaz and David Waxman. We’re LA-based and we’ll invest anywhere as long as we can answer the question of why we’re the best investors for the job. If you are independent, curious, hard-working, and want to make your career in VC, come talk to us about joining the team!


The Associate or Principal will be involved in internal and external firm operations. TenOneTen operates with a very flat structure and is a small team. This is an opportunity to take on as much as you can handle.

The internally focused aspects of the position are:

  1. Due Diligence. Supporting due diligence, including writing investment memos, assessing competitive positioning, financial modeling, understanding macro trends, conducting customer / founder references, and any more aspects supporting TenOneTen’s decision to make an investment.
  2. Research / Insights. Researching and distilling insights through data from our platform, our advisor network, and independent research to develop investment theses.
  3. Portfolio Support. Partner with our portfolio companies to solve a broad array of both strategic & tactical initiatives.
  4. Expertise. Build expertise in areas of interest (e.g. enterprise software, big data, machine learning, AI, IoT, etc.)

The externally focused aspects of the position are:

  1. Deal flow. Sourcing new investments by building strong relationships with founders, using quantitative strategies, and being creative. Lots of hustle required.
  2. Build Networks. Launch, develop, and manage networks of people. This can range from VP-to-C-level executives to thought leaders and subject matter experts in their function or field.
  3. Events. Represent the firm at industry events.
  4. Have a voice. Craft and publish compelling content on best practices in functional areas (engineering recruiting, etc), industries/verticals (health-tech, fin-tech, etc) and categories (big data, AI, blockchain, etc).



POSITION: Associate or Principal (depending on level)

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA

REPORTING: Managing Partner: David Waxman

PARTNER WITH: Principal: Austin Clements

How to Apply: You can reach us at: jobs@tenoneten.net In addition to your resume, please write a couple of paragraphs describing an early stage company you think is an interesting investment and why. (The company does not need to be currently fundraising.)